ISARA V3 nešioklė, Galaxy

Nors ISARA nešioklės gaminamos tik nuo 2013 metų, jos jau įgijo tėvelių bei mamyčių pasitikėjimą​ ir kasmet toliau stebina savo nuostabiais naujausiais raštais bei spalvomis.


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Svoris Nuo 4 iki 20 kg
Sudėtis Organinė medvilnė
Amžius Nuo 1 mėn. iki 4 metų
Gamintojas ISARA, Rumunija
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Apie prekę

Launched in 2013, ISARA stands out as a multidimensional adjustable premium quality baby carrier with innovative features.

ISARA V3 standard size is suitable for wearing babies from 1 month (4 kg / 8.8 lbs) up to 4-5 years (20 kg, 44lbs).

The innovative panel of the standard size can be adjusted from 31 cm (12 inch) up to 45 cm (18 inch). The body of the carrier can be adjusted, lowered or raised, on both sides, or asymmetrically. When raised, it provides support for the child`s head, needed especially for small babies. If the baby falls asleep in the carrier, the panel can be extended for more support or privacy. Also, the adjustable panel makes it even easier to breastfeed, anywhere, anytime, only by manipulating the straps of the panel.

For toddlers, who might like to stay with their hands out of the carrier, you can adjust both webbings and ensure a lower panel.

The seat adjusts, inch by inch, always ensuring the froggy position. The standard size can be narrowed from 38 cm (15 inch) to 26 cm (10 inch). 

The innovative adjustment process of the seating involves opening the hook and the loop of the velcro situated on both lateral sides of the backside of the waist belt and sliding slowly towards the center of the waistbelt, as much as necessary. Once adjusted, the seat of the carrier will be firmly fixed using high quality velcro, in order to obtain optimum froggy position. The adjustments are durable, easy to make, and the result is the anatomically correct ”froggy” position of the baby and a comfortable, perfect fit.

These innovations are much more important as it gives the possibility to wear small babies, without an insert.

ISARA V3 includes, besides the innovative seating and panel, a lot of features for comfort (no buckles touch de skin, padded shoulder straps, arm and leg paddings, adjustable and removable connection strap, adjustable and removable hood, organic fabrics), for safety ( elastic band in case of accidental opening of the buckles, high quality materials) and for a neat look (posibility to roll up excess webbing).

There are numerous adjustements that can be made, so that every person can adapt the carrier to his needs.

The body of the carrier can be lowered or raised, on both sides or even asymmetrically, in order to provide head support for newborn or extra care while sleeping or discretion while breastfeeding.

The buckles on the shoulder straps can be used to loosen the carrier making breastfeeding easy.

The chest strap, located between the shoulder straps, prevents the straps from sliding off the shoulder. It can be adjusted up or down on the webbing of the shoulder strap, so that the proper height can be chosen for front or back carrying, and can also be completely removed.

There are several additional settings for extra comfort: extra leg padding, broaded and padded shoulder straps, elastic bands to keep straps looking neat. 

The waist belt is filled with memory foam for extra comfort. 

ISARA V3 Garden Splendor is made from 100% Organic Cotton, GOTS Certified. The fabric is suitable for summer as well as for winter.

ISARA V3 is available also in classic cotton or full wrap conversion, 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified. 

Made of high quality materials, from buckles, straps, webbings to velcros, recognised even in the automobile industry for resistance and endurance.

Also, due to the multidimensional adjustability given by the innovative features, ISARA V3 provides you the possibility for front carry, with parallel or crossed shoulder straps, back carry and hip carry.

ISARA is designed and manufactured in EU.

ISARA is protected by The Office of Trademarks and Designs.


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