LennyLight, Agave

Simple & intuitive adjustment options for a perfect fit and healthy ergonomic positioning at all stages of your baby's development.


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LennyLight, Agave

LennyLight, Agave


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129,00 €

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Gamintojas Lenny Lamb, Lenkija
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For newborn through toddler
Age: 0 -30/36 mos.
Designed for safe babywearing of little babies (min. 3,5 kg)

Babywearing positions
Front, back (4. mos.+)

Less is more
Very light & compact baby carrier. Minimum amount of straps, buckles & adjustment options for maximum comfort & safe babywearing

Magnetic chest belt
With the baby carrier, you will receive a chest belt with a magnetic buckle absolutely free! You can freely slide the belt along the entire length of the shoulder straps or completely remove it. Just bring the buckles closer to each other and they will snap into place by themselves!

Always at hand
This carrier comes with a light mesh sack that is attached to the carrier

Circoola - a new technology in baby carriers
LennyLight is not only a high-quality carrier but also a breakthrough in technology. Each product has a unique N-tag. Place your phone with an NFC reader near it, and you will discover a wealth of information about your product. Tutorials, color, size, model, blend and weight of the fabric, production date, and a unique serial number - all of this is available at your fingertips

Easy fit
Soft shoulder straps and hip belt for your comfort, with simple adjustment so they are quick and easy for you to adjust.

Placed on the waist belt. Practical and handy; with a super easy magnet fastener. Will easily contain a phone, keys and other necessary accessories

The certificate of compliance with safety norms PD CEN/TR 16512:2015 and ASTM F2236 - 16a

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