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Why choose us?

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1. Professional consultations. Our team is professionally trained, have long-time experience and knowledge.
2. Fast deliveries. We choose best partners.
3. We guarantee, that here you will get 100% original goods and original packaging!
4. Good prices. 
5. Various payment methods. Choose your options: bank transfer; cash on delivery, banklink.
6. Just original materials. 
7. Good assortment. New models and collections. 
8. Honest advises. Why? Because we do not want just to "sell", we care also about Yours and Your child's well-being. 


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Address: Laisvės pr. 125, Vilnius, LT-06118, Lithuania.

Who we are

Nesiokles.lt - e-shop, which offers wide range of baby carriers and quick deliveries in all Lithuania and worldwide.

Here you can find:
- baby carriers from birth, 
- baby carriers for toddlers, 
- ring slings,
- carry slings, 
- accessories for baby carriers.

You need baby carrier, if:

- you want to be close to your child and feel his needs;
- you are active and want even with a child not to reduce the pace of life;
- carry your baby constantly;
- the child was born a little too early and it still needs constant mom / dad closeness, warmth, heartbeat sound;
- you are breast-feeding;
- you are surrounded by a lot of stairs, uneven tracks, forest-like environment, which is difficult to overcome with the strollers;
- you have a puppy and go frequently to the field, and every time to bring a stroller would be too difficult;
- you like to spend time both at home and outside active, and you want your child to participate and get used to the rhythm of your family.